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This is the place to be if you want nothing but non-stop, hardcore shooting game action. Other video game sites bring you a bunch of free games to play, but they only offer a small selection of shooter games. Not here at Shooting Games 365. We offer hundreds of awesome video games featuring many different gaming styles for your entertainment pleasure.

The hottest video games on the market and net right now are first person shooter games. These are the games that immerse you in beautiful and heart pounding, 3D action. Grab any weapon you can find and head on out to vanquish some of the meanest and scariest foes you can find. Here at Shooting Games 365, we do not give just a few of these games. We give you an extremely deep library of these unbelievably popular and addictive online first person shooter games. These games range from the violent and gory to the funny and cute; so it does not matter what age gamer you are, there is a game for everyone right here.

If the first person shooter video games are not your style, then grab a long range rifle and find the best perch in some of the hottest sniper games online. Of in the distance you can see wave after wave of enemies that are marching straight for your fortress. Some of these enemies are carrying cash, which will really help you upgrade your killing power. There are more sniper games in the following pages than any other site on the internet.

No matter what style shooter game you decide to play, you can be assured that they will always be free to enjoy. So grab a rifle and start one of the pulse pounding sniper games or sit back with the little ones and enjoy a cute romp through an imaginary land. Remember to keep coming back to challenge all of the free online video games - and bring your friends.

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